Review: Heidelberg Golf Course

I guess if I’m going to write reviews on courses then a good place to start would be with the course I’m a member at. Heidelberg golf course has come along way in the time I have played there (around four years now). The Santa Ana fairways have established well and provide a lush consistent surface to hit from. Unlike some other courses they are not cut too firm which always gives you a chance to be aggressive with your shots.

The greens are always in great condition and roll true. I’d say they would be the real strength of the course, however constant work means other areas are fast closing-in on being the ‘draw card’.

This course always presents a challenge. You need to be able to work the ball left and right, play disciplined shots for position (if you want a good chance to score well) and read the subtle breaks on the greens.  I find it to have a good mix of longer and shorter holes all of which can be played aggressively to give yourself a chance to make birdies but each with elements of risk. The straight hitter will manage this course well. Going in the thick trees will almost always result in a punch to safety.

I have a few favourite holes to play…

The 2nd: A 165 meter par three. It’s the first real challenge to negotiate. This hole has water left and the thin, wide green is guarded by bunkers front and back. The smart play here is to shoot for the right side of the  green and try to putt at it from there.

Heidelberg Golf Course

2nd at Heidelberg

The 12th: A reasonable length par four at 365 meters. This hole is one that can be attacked, however if you get your drive wrong (left or right) you’ll be struggling to make par. A well positioned drive gives you a chance to attack with a mid to short iron. There are three pot bunkers to the right and a larger bunker to the left. This green can play difficult with a slope from back to front. Finish above the hole and you’ll need to putt with care.

Heidelberg Golf Course

12th at Heidelberg

The 18th: A fantastic finishing hole which requires a drawing drive to get close enough to play a short iron. Push the drive and you’ll still get a good look at it however you will have a much longer shot in. Again, this green is guarded by three well positioned bunkers which require good management (and execution) to avoid. This green is one of the more friendly on the course and gives you a reasonable chance to make birdie if you find yourself on in regulation.

Heidelberg Golf Course

18th at Heidelberg

This is my impression of the course and a few of my favourite holes. It is a fairly demanding course and requires a lot of committed shot making. If you haven’t already, I hope you get a chance to play Heidelberg one day. If so, please feel free to let me know what your favourite holes are.

 Luke @ Golf Blog Australia

Image sources: Heidelberg Golf Club


  1. I think you’re right about the second, about the right length (even for me). I must admit I like the 10th, nice and short with a nice big green, as long as you’re long and straight enough with your first to get around the big tree on the left.

    Thanks for starting the blog, I’m looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the message. There are a lot of great holes on the course. Stick around as I have a few more course reviews coming up and also some tips on club repair.

  2. Hi Luke,

    I have played Heidelberg many times and really enjoy the course. I find many of the holes challenging due to up and down nature of the property. The greens are always immaculate and the surrounds have greatly improved over the years.

    My favourite hole is the long par 4 eighth…It is an uphill hole that plays about 370m from the back but due to its severe uphill climb its more like 400m. It is well guarded with deep bunkers with a generous green. Now that the large tree on the right hand side of the fairway is gone….I might be able to enjoy it even more!!

    In addition to a great course the club house facilities, pro shop and friendliness of the members make a round at Heidelberg an enjoyable experience.



    1. Yes, the removal of that large gum certainly has opened up the drive. There are a few more large trees that have fallen or been removed which has opened up some of the other holes as well.

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