Taylormade Tour Preferred

Review: Taylormade Tour Preferred Glove

Taylormade, Taylormade Tour Preferred, Taylormade Golf Glove

To some it may seem a little silly to review a glove, but to those out there who really appreciate performance and feel and understand what a glove can do for them, I have found a great glove at a reasonable price point.

I had been using the Taylormade Targa Tour glove for some time and really loved its performance and long-lasting wear time. Unfortunately the time came when I just couldn’t find it any more, so had to make a choice on a new glove.

Sticking with Taylormade I decided to try out the new tour model; the Taylormade Tour Preferred glove. It features AAA Cabretta leather for that soft feel, a new stretch fit closure system and a moisture wicking wrist band. The glove is quite different to my previous model with larger breathing holes on the fingers and no smaller perforations over the palm and back of the hand.

The first notable thing about this glove is that it fits really well. Maybe a little tighter out of the box than the previous model but it will stretch out a little bit. Sizing is still the same for me. The leather is high quality and has that supple feel. The closure system is no doubt an upgrade. It has an elastic stretch section which really allows you to find the right feel. With a large velcro patch this glove will wear well and always provide a comfortable fit.

All in all your golf glove needs to perform well in a range of temperatures and conditions. You should always choose one that you like the feel of and that functions just the way you like. This glove is definitely a high-end glove and performs just the way I like my gloves to.

Taylormade, Taylormade Tour Preferred, Taylormade Golf Glove

Cost: You will find them for around $20

Website: Taylormade (note this is the US website as the AU site does not list the TP Glove).

 Luke @ Golf Blog Australia