Welcome to Golf Blog Australia

Welcome to Golf Blog Australia.

I’m Luke. A school teacher with a passion for sport, in particular golf.

My home course is Heidelberg Golf Club where I play off a reasonable handicap which sits somewhere around 10.

As I’m sure is the case with many golf enthusiasts, I was hooked the moment I struck that first ball! Some of my fondest memories center around my early experiences with golf – playing with family, laughing at badly hit shots (which were more frequent than the good ones!), or just spending time with my father and messing around with my two brothers.

I still regard these early days as the real gems in my golfing life. My dad passed away several years ago though I still think about him every time I go for a hit. I even carry some of his old gear in my bag for good luck – I’m sure it will start working soon!

I’ve been fortunate to have played some of Victoria’s best courses, including Kingston Heath, Moonah Links, Metropolitan, Huntingdale and many more. Over the years I have had many second-hand sets of clubs from Prosimmon to Titleist Blades and Taylormade Cavity Blades. I only just recently bought my first set of brand new clubs (more about them in My Bag). I have an unusual style, hitting all of my shots right handed and putting left! Yes, I know it’s strange but you should see me play tennis! I’ve always been able to strike the ball well but control is often a problem for me.

I have a young family with two children under three. Time is not what it used to be. Practise and more than one game a week is difficult to manage but every now and then the wife unchains me and I get out. Being a teacher I’m also lucky to have school holiday time which usually allows me to string a few more rounds together. I often find my game improving in this time.

This blog will chronicle my golf progress and experiences as I attempt to improve my game (maybe even get a lesson or two!) along with featuring equipment and course reviews, so feel free to stick around and follow along.

Luke @ Golf Blog Australia


  1. Hi Luke
    Good to see a new Aussie golf blog on the scene. I’m a Melbourne-based golfer. Look forward to following along.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks. As you can see I’ve only just started. I do have some good course reviews coming up and also some how to’s.
      You get to have the glory of my first comment (maybe reader) ever! Check in every now and then and don’t forget to tell your friends.

  2. Hi Luke,

    Fabulous Blog mate! I’m looking forward to your course and equipment reviews. Keep up the great work.

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