The Grip Master Putter Grip

I bought a new putter a few weeks ago and really love it.

It was second-hand, and although in pretty great overall condition, the grip was a little worn and old. I wanted to update it and make it a bit less, well, bright. The original grip was embellished with the Australian flag and whilst I’m as patriotic as the average golfer (I’ll cheer for the Aussies watching the golf on TV and will even jump up and down about the Olympics) for me the grip was just a bit too much.

I wanted something a little blacker!

The Grip Master, putter grip

Along with neutralising the colour, I was also looking for something that would be long-lasting, soft-feeling and amazing-looking.

And I actually managed to tick all the boxes here!

The Grip Master, putter grip

The Grip Master Grips are fantastic. You can really feel the quality. They are soft yet firm, if you know what I mean, and incredibly good-looking with their stitched backs and embossed markings. I must say, I’m in love…with the feel, look, smell. Everything about these grips just oozes class.

The Grip Master, putter grip

I went for The Grip Master Mid Size Putter. They have an extensive range and the choice was hard. I have been using a mid-size for some time and love the slightly larger size. I’m sure no matter what you are looking for you’ll find it. Take a look at The Grip Master.

Another really cool thing about The Grip Master is that they’re Australian. I always love to buy Australian when I can to support local businesses. Their website also contains some great info about company history, grip fitting and other general information. Click here to read more from The Grip Master.

I’m not too sure where the company is located in Australia, but I do know that I bought direct from their website and the order was delivered within three days. Great shipping, great price and great quality.

Thanks to The Grip Master I’m now putting well and looking great!

The Grip Master, putter grip

The Grip Master, putter grip

Luke @ golf blog australia