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Well, I know it’s been quite a while since my last post. But, better late than never. Right?

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When is the last time you tried a new golf ball? When did you last step into the vast world of compression, cover softness, spin numbers, branding …?

I was contacted some months ago by a new company called GolfJet. A fledgling Australian business entering the very competitive market of golf balls. They were interested in hearing my opinion on their product.

After receiving one of their JetPacks (which included nine of their Jet 4 balls, a glove, tees and a ball marker) I headed out with a few mates of ranging ability over the next few weeks to conduct some completely non-scientific, albeit fun, tests.

The first thing I noticed was the extreme softness of the ball. It produced a very high flight off my club with a ridiculous amount of spin. I tend to hit the ball very hard and generate lots of spin anyway so the ball was spinning off the front of greens and falling short due to the ballooned flight. Most of the other players in the low to mid handicap range saw similar results too, noting high flight and heaps of spin. The short game feel and performance, however, was incredible. Heaps of check and spin control. The ball performed very well with the putter too. The higher handicap players, who played longer irons into the green, tended to love the ball as it gave them good distance and control.

After playing with the Jet 4 for a few weeks and with many different players, the verdict was quite clear; the Jet 4 was not for me (or my fellow power players). I suspected this from the start as the Titleist Pro V1 is too soft also. I often try to play a slightly harder ball (Bridgestone B330) to avoid generating too much spin and bring the ball flight down a bit.

golfjet, jetpack, golfballs, golf gift set

After this period I had the privilege of meeting-up with Brad, a founding member (of two) of GolfJet for a few drinks and a chat. Brad is a super keen and obviously intelligent man with a passion for golf. He’s an engineer by trade and, along with a long-standing friend, developed the idea of starting a company to deliver high-quality balls to players using a unique marketing approach. Brad told me they have spent years in research and development to finally get to this point. Sourcing, testing and comparing products from the world’s leaders to develop a ball with comparable characteristics and performance. Brad’s own ethics clearly come through the GolfJet philosophy; a very customer focused, quality experience and product. He ensures he is approachable and listens carefully to feedback. I guess that’s the great thing about a personal business, you can make a choice to focus on what really matters. I thank Brad for his time in answering all of my questions about his ball and other products.

A week following our meet-up, a package of Jet 3 balls turned-up in the mail. When talking with Brad he informed me that their Jet 3 golf ball is a lower flighted and less spinning model which would probably suit my game better. True to Brad’s information, the Jet 3 suited my game very well. A much lower, penetrating flight with controllable spin characteristics. This ball is a real treat to play with. Not only is it good with the driver and long irons, it had the same (slightly less) spinning nature around the greens as the Jet 4. The Jet 3 would have to be up there with the best balls I’ve used.

To ensure consistency in my completely non-scientific tests, after some time I managed to wrangle the same group of players who tried the Jet 4 and, surprise, surprise, they liked the Jet 3. Saying things like, “it’s the same as the ball I play now” and “I really like this one, it’s quite different to the Jet 4”. I have to say this came as a bit of a surprise to me because I know some of these guys are die-hard brand players. Same club, clothing and ball brand. They generally don’t sway too far from their comfort zone. They know the feel they love, the look and flight of the ball and spin they generate. The trust they’ve built over many, many years. I’ll be the first to admit I can be the same too. But the Jet 3 won me over. I’m happy playing it and trust it will do what I want.

golfjet, jetpack, golfballs, golf gift set

I’m not saying everyone will love these balls. They are a premium ball and do spin like you would expect a premium ball to. What I am saying is that you couldn’t go too far wrong giving them a go and supporting a wonderful growing Australian company.

Visit GolfJet to learn more about their company and products.

Luke @ Golf Blog Australia

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