How to fix golf ferrules

Tip: How to fix ferrules

I’m sure that most golfers would have had this problem at some point. You look at your club and the ferrule has come up or lose. The first things that slip into your mind are; is the head coming off? Is the shaft breaking? Or maybe just – my beautiful clubs don’t look as good as they could.

golf ferrule, how to fix golf ferrule

Don’t worry. This is a fairly common problem and one that is easy to fix.

Firstly, let’s check if the head is actually coming off. There are two ways you can do this:

1) Put the head between your feet and try to twist the shaft. Is there a clicking sound? Does the shaft move? If so, stop using it and re-set the shaft (I will be covering this soon).

2) Check the length has not changed by placing the club next to the clubs either side of the club. For example, if it is your 8 iron, stand it next to your 7 and 9. Look at the length of the clubs.  Does the size graduation look right? Does it fit between them evenly? If not, the head may be coming off.

length of golf shafts

You can see here that the lengths are equal and even. Pictured is my 6 iron to Pitching Wedge.

These are not fail safe tests, however, it is most likely that it’s just the ferrule coming lose. Now, let’s fix that.

What you will need:

– Grip cloth or a rubber glove
– Hair dryer
– Epoxy glue (optional)
– Toothpick (optional)
– Acetone and a rag (optional)

Step 1:

Use the hair dryer to gently heat the ferrule in order to break the glue bond. Yes, it did pay off buying the missus a good hair dryer for her birthday! Slowly does it here, you don’t need too much heat. Just enough to loosen the ferrule so heat and try, heat and try. You may not even need any heat. I moved one of my ferrules back into place without any heat (this is where you would use glue to re-set it – see below).

Alternate Method

Mix up the epoxy and using a toothpick carefully place the glue around the bottom of the ferrule (between it and the club head). Slide the ferrule back into place and clean up any excess glue with acetone.

golf ferrule, how to fix golf ferrule

Step 2:

Use your grip cloth or rubber glove to twist and push the ferrule back into place. This can take quite a bit of force. Get a good grip and go!

golf ferrule, how to fix golf ferrule

Step 3:

You’re done. Hit the course with your awesome looking clubs.

golf ferrule, how to fix golf ferrule


Luke @ Golf Blog Australia