Heidelberg Golf Club

Club Championships 2015

Quite unexpectedly I received the following message through my blog last week. I was originally not going to share this on my blog. However, after some thought I decided that it’s not an achievement that comes every day, so here’s the message:

“Hi to all of Luke’s followers at Golf Blog Australia,

I write to let you all know that as humble as Luke is, he will not go out of his way to let you know of his recent play in the Heidelberg Golf Club, Club Championships.

He excelled over the many days, to come out on top with the best gross score. This is an excellent feat around Heidelberg, given its many good players and since the course is set up as difficult as it can be.

For all of us, we know that there are may reasons why your game of golf often falls in a heap during one round, but, to concentrate and put a number of rounds together for a Championship win, is outstanding.

Congratulations Luke and know that we all look forward to your next GBA entry.

Good golfing to all”

In all honesty I did play well and had quite a bit of luck go my way over the tournament. I putted exceptionally well, got up and down from 7/8 bunkers and channeled Seve Ballesteros from the rough, trees, forest, jungle on more than a few occasions!

I have learnt a few things over the last few months:

1. If you can’t get out on the course (because of young children – or any other reasons for that matter) use the space you have. Make practice swings with the broom, chip in the backyard or putt in your hallway. I’ve been using these to keep motivated and groove the swing a bit.

2. If you are feeling lost, get a lesson. I must admit, I’ve been struggling for months now. Almost to a point of having a lay-off. I went to get a lesson with Tim Wood and …..well, I won my club championships!

So I have now had a hole in one, won a Monthly Medal and now the Clubbies! It’s time to set a new goal for the year…

I want to hold single figures on my handicap and shoot in the 70’s more regularly.

Stay turned as I take you on my journey towards this goal.

And thanks James for the comment. It’s nice to know people are enjoying the blog and following along. This is part of what golf is all about, getting to meet new people and make real connections.

Luke @ Golf Blog Australia