Bright Country Club

Review: Bright Golf Course

I was dragged away for the weekend up to a small town called Harrietville on a family vacation. It was extremely hard work! Fishing, mountain biking, playing with the kids in the river and, of course, heading out to the local golf course.

I have always enjoyed playing new courses. I really love the challenge of not knowing the layout and having to manage my shots and strategies.

As I pulled into the course I knew I was in for a treat. I could see the fairways were well kept and the greens looked good. We were greeted by the honesty box, in which we deposited the correct amount then headed for the tee. I could see by the card that it was a reasonably long course at 6000+ meters. With some long and short par fours.

Firstly, let me tell you that the condition of the course was amazing. Great couch fairways and tee boxes. All the trees and bushes were maintained and the surrounds were stunning. The greens had been cored and sanded within the last week. However, this did not really affect the putting. They ran true and straight, maybe just a little slower than usual.

The views around this course are amazing. With Mt Buffalo and the surrounding high county looming around and the Ovens river bordering the course, you really feel like a you are walking through a beautiful park.

If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend dropping in for a game.

Here are a few of my favourite holes…

The 6th: A 158 meter par 3. A medium length par 3 that is downhill. I’d recommend taking one club less here. The green is elevated and it takes a good shot to find the surface. There are some mounds surrounding the green that you’d love to avoid. Aim for the center of the green and try to make your putt.

Bright Golf Course, Bright Country Club

My brother Josh hitting another great shot!


The 14th: A 516 meter par 5. A long par 5 with a demanding drive. The hole doglegs left. You will need to drive the ball to the right of the fairway if you want to have a go for 2. It will take 2 of your best and most accurate shots here.

Bright Golf Course, Bright Country Club


The 9th: A 488 meter par 5. A short par 5. I hit a good drive up the middle and was definitely within reach to hit on for 2. However there is a hidden water hazard at the front of the green. Take it on or not, you’ll need to decide! No doubt one of the most beautiful holes on the course and no pushover.


Bright Golf Course, Bright Country Club


Luke @ Golf Blog Australia