My First Lesson

Well, today was the start of something new – a lesson in golf.

I know that this is not ground breaking by any means though for me it was a big step. I guess the thought of someone critically looking at your swing and trying to change it is a bit scary.

I decided to go and see Tim Wood. He works out of a few clubs including my home course (Heidelberg Golf Club).

Some background about me and my game…I’ve never had a lesson and despite reading a lot about golf swings and watching footage of lots of swings I haven’t really seen my swing much.

The lesson was a real surprise. Tim came over, watched me hit some balls and started feeding me compliments on my swing which immediately made me relax and probably more receptive to his ideas (thanks Tim!).  After filming my swing on his tablet he went about showing me what I could work on. I found this very interesting due to the fact that his suggestions were things my good friends, many of whom are great golfers, have never seen or suggested.

Tim spent a lot of time talking to me about the game and I think he was really trying to understand what I was thinking. After some more discussion he asked me to hit a few shots with different shape and watched what I was doing. I think the great thing about the lesson was that it really was good to discuss and ask questions of someone who is completely impartial.

In a nutshell, I really believe that this might have been the best money I’ve ever spent on golf. I walked away not with a completely de constructed swing but a stronger resolve that I can work things out and I’m on the right path.

Here’s the tip that worked for me; when practising, spend half your time working on the technical stuff and just forget about the results. The next half of practice should be spent on working shots around and really trying to get a feel for the shots. This practise should emulate a game.

For the next few weeks I will be working on a drill he gave me. It’s called the Nine Ball Drill. You hit a draw, straight and fade low. Then hit them mid height and then a high draw, straight and fade.

If you’re afraid of getting a lesson, don’t be. You do need to be open to suggestions and be willing to make some improvements but I’d recommend a lesson any time.

Stay tuned to Golf Blog Australia for more about my journey. I was so impressed that I’ll be back for another lesson next week!

Luke @ Golf Blog Australia

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